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Sooner State Strategies is a multi-faceted and diverse company with a wide range of service options with any profit going into nonprofit operation for direct rural assistance - but we consider ourselves to be so much more than just a company.  We receive daily solicitations for proposals or service requests; unfortunately, we provide services only to those elite clients that a majority of our organization can be compelled to partner with, vouch for, support, and help prosper.  To be a client of Sooner State Strategies means having a networks of professionals, both inside and outside of our organization, constantly looking out for your government or small business interest.  We take pride in anticipating client needs often times before the client realizes exactly what the essential service or resource may be.  We begin every relationship with a complete analysis of areas in which we can best serve you.  We outline and present detailed findings and begin securing the resources necessary to finance or produce the outcomes our clients seek.

Sooner State Strategies provides service to individuals, municipal governments, state governments, political candidates, elected officials, small businesses, corporations, and individual people who require investigative or opposition research, or other services available upon request.  Our associates are registered and bonded Notary Publics and Credentialed Victim Advocates.  Our primary focus is assisting those in rural or impoverished areas who may otherwise lack the resources required to develop successful grant package applications or finance projects for the needs of their community.  We analyze financial and legal needs, develop strategy, and provide our clients with the resources for which they seek.  Services include: Public Administration, Research, Government Relations, Grant Funding Research, Grant Writing, Grant Administration, Notary Public Services, Legal Document Preparation & Analysis (Non Attorney), Social Security & Disability Claims, Specialty Services for Units of Government and Small Business: Grant and Public Resource analysis, Historic Document and Property Development and Registration, general economic development, and professional management.  We coach politicians and leaders on public speaking, poise, and etiquette; and developed focus-group tested messaging and presentations to put our clients in the best possible position for success.

Sooner State Strategies is an Oklahoma limited liability company operating at cost to provide crucial public assistance programs to local communities.  We have successfully researched, written, and administered numerous grants performing comprehensive management of entire projects or individual services as needed.  We have found significant success in seeking resources to combat the ever-growing crisis of substandard drinking water quality.  We can administer entire restructuring and reorganization of water systems with experience in replacing drinking water lines, treating drinking water, and even wastewater and sewer treatment.  We have experience associates with expertise and success in community beautification projects, acquisition of historic property, transportation, and the list continues as does our small company's reach into other areas for which we may be of service.

If you seek more than just a company, more than a grant administration firm, a financer, or a fixer....if you seek a partner and fierce advocate with capabilities of discretion and options of maximizing publicity, then contact us today.  We guarantee satisfaction or all services will be completely free of charge. 

You may reach our main office at ‪(479) 222-0290.

David D. Roberts

Founder & CEO

Sooner State Strategies

Cell Phone: (918)-413-4504





After a childhood and eventually an on-the-rise thriving career in politics and government, Roberts returned to his small hometown in Eastern Oklahoma.  He began writing grants as simply a means to help people, specifically those in his hometown which is where he began grant writing. Sooner State Strategies was his brainchild and Oklahoma is a better place because of the actions he and his team take each day to build new projects and make tap water drinkable once again.


Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

Together, with David Roberts, Rick helped forge ahead with Sooner Strategies and has played a crucial role in the continued success of the business. Their exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.

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Small Business Consultant

Jordan Parker is one of our senior professionals, with an eye for what makes a business succeed. With years in the business, Jordan Parker has seen it all - and is ready to lead you on the path to success.

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